4 Signs You Need a New Roof

Naturally, a roof can reach the end of its service life without much trouble, but everything has an expiration date, after all. If you notice the signs described in this article, have professional roofers like Georgia Roof Advisors check your roofing conditions; it might be time for a new roof.
4 Signs You Need a New Roof Your Roof Is Almost 25-Years-Old An asphalt roof shingles’ life lasts between 20 to 30 years and if your roof is more than 30-years-old, it’s time to buy a new roof. Most roofs have a twenty-year warranty, so have it replaced before the end of that time period. Curling Shingles Shingle curling will happen in two ways: cupping, when its edges turn upwards, and clawing, when the edges remain flat and the middle part starts to rise. These are signs of problems that will eventually lead to leaks. At this rate, you have a maximum of five years before you need a replacement. Roofers like us don’t advise delaying, however, as the damage may worsen and threaten the integrity of your home itself. Missing Shingles During extreme weather, many homes lose their shingles due to wind and rain. After each storm, check if all your shingles are still intact and in place. Replacing a few shingles is not a problem, but it will be difficult to find a matching shingle of the same color as your old one. Contact the roofer that has installed your roof in this case. Shingle Granules in the Gutter Take a look at your gutters. Are there shingle granules in it? If there are grains of shingles all over your yard, gutters and landscaping, it is a sign that your roof is getting old and it will lose more granules toward the end of its life. Have your roof replaced promptly by contacting your trusted roofing contractors. If your roof is experiencing these issues, Georgia Roof Advisors can help you choose and install your new roof. We serve homeowners in Marietta, GA. Call us at [company_phone].
Know how to prepare your home for a new roof.

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