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Roof Replacement in

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About East Point

Located southwest of Atlanta, approximately 40,000 people call the suburb of East Point home. The name was given to the city due to it being at the opposite end of the former Atlanta & West Point Railroad from West Point.

East Point is subject to a varying degree of weather. We highly recommend getting any roof that is over 15 years old inspected. Roof repairs early on cost far less than roof repairs later on.

When it comes to a roof replacement, we always try to fix our East Point customers’ roofs before replacing them. But sometimes, there’s too much damage and there’s no other option than to do a roof replacement.

You might decide you want to replace your roof because you want a new look, different color, or different material. Or, you may be building a new home or structure and need a new roof installed. We can handle that as well.

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I was in need of an immediate repair, and James was able to provide me with the utmost assistance during a heavy storm. He was very professional and managed to get someone to repair my roof within no time.

-Ricky F., East Point

I needed a new roof and a couple in the neighborhood was having one installed. I talked with them about the company they were using. They had a great experience, so I gave Georgia Roof Advisors a call. They made an appointment and were prompt when they came to assess my roof. They took photos and had an estimate for me within a few days. Maybe a week later, I’m sitting under my new roof. They did my whole roof in one day! They left the yard completely tidy. I’m impressed with their professionalism and so glad I chose them. Thank you, Chase and the rest of the team.

-Stephanie P., East Point

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Our Why

At Georgia Roof Advisors East Point, we strive to provide the best customer service and quality roofing installations. We take pride in our work and it shows in our customers’ happy reviews. Read more about us and how we came to be.

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