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About Lithia Springs

Known for its natural lithia water spring, Lithia Springs is the neighboring city to Austell and has a population of approximately 17,000 people.

Lithia Springs is subject to a varying degree of weather. We highly recommend getting any roof that is over 15 years old inspected. Roof repairs early on cost far less than roof repairs later on.

When it comes to a roof replacement, we always try to fix our Lithia Springs customers’ roofs before replacing them. But sometimes, there’s too much damage and there’s no other option than to do a roof replacement.

You might decide you want to replace your roof because you want a new look, different color, or different material. Or, you may be building a new home or structure and need a new roof installed. We can handle that as well.

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I purchased my home 4 months ago. 2 months ago, after Zeta I noticed a water stain in my dining room. I did what has become the norm, came to Google to look for someone to do an inspection. I called about 6 companies, small and large, with positive reviews. I scheduled inspections with the three most responsive.Everyone that came out said the same thing, I needed a new roof and it wasn’t due to storm damage. Being in Procurement for a living I asked TONS of questions, duplicates even…on purpose. Chase provided AMAZING customer service and gave me a competitive quote. I wasn’t interested in financing so I took the time to pull together the money, research the companies and the products they offered. One thing I noticed at the beginning was that GA Roof Advisors was a master elite GAF installer. This is important because it determines the length of the product warranty AND provided an extra layer of confidence in the install. Do you know that most roofs fail, not because of the material but the install? Apparently they know as well because they offer a good labor warranty as well. Anyway, long story short I decided to go with them instead of the other master elite I had come out because of the customer service, hands down. He followed up and did everything he said he would. I LOVED that when he first came out, he had one of his project managers look at the roof as well, it was amazing service. In hindsight he probably wanted someone else to see the mess one/both of the previous owners left! Well, now I have a new roof. The crew was absolutely amazing, there when they said they would be, got up there and got it done…

-Melissa T., Lithia Springs

One of the best companies I’ve had comeOut and work on my roof from the initial call and email to the whole process. They were quick and efficient. ThankYou!!!

-Jennifer T., Austell

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At Georgia Roof Advisors Lithia Springs, we strive to provide the best customer service and quality roofing installations. We take pride in our work and it shows in our customers’ happy reviews. Read more about us and how we came to be.

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