As the government and medical professionals continue to update the public about the virus, COVID-19, we felt it was necessary that Georgia Roof Advisors keep our customers and our community aware of the measures we are taking to reduce the potential for virus transmission. We do this both for our customer’s peace of mind and to adhere to the national conversation about best practices to ensure the well-being of our employees, our customers and their families.

Our first and most important priority is to remain in compliance with all directives from the CDC and all local, state and federal government entities. Information is changing quickly, and we will continue to monitor recommendations from the CDC via their website. As of now, experts recommend avoiding gatherings with 10 people or more, using diligent hygiene and hand-washing practices, practicing social distancing and taking sick leave at the first sign of illness. All Georgia Roof Advisors employees have been encouraged to stay home for minor symptoms including fever, cough, shortness of breath, nausea or running nose to prevent the possibility of transmission.

Here are the practices that will help keep both you and your family and our Georgia Roof Advisors family safe during the next several weeks:

  1. Our team will practice social distancing on all home visits. That means we won’t be shaking hands or standing or sitting within a six-foot distance from our customers when reporting our findings or providing progress updates for your roofing needs.
  2. Any documentation that can be delivered electronically – will be done so – to and from customers when possible.
  3. We will utilize phone calls, text messaging, e-mails and video calls as much as possible for conversations about appointments, projects and services.
  4. No food or drink may be transferred between employee and customer
  5. All field employees of Georgia Roof Advisors have been instructed on proper precautions to take before arrival and during their time at your residence.

It is our responsibility as members of this community to do everything in our power to reduce instances of COVID-19 transmission. If you have any questions regarding roof inspection, ongoing work, future projects or the steps we’re taking to safeguard the health of our employees, our customers and the greater community we serve: please email or call (678) 757-3477. The best way to meet this challenge is by working together. We thank you for working with us to keep everyone safe and healthy.

James and Naomi Gasson
Owners of Georgia Roof Advisors