Most property owners rarely think about their roofing once it’s installed. Despite the little attention it gets, it’s one of the most important parts of any structure. Firstly, your roof protects the walls, windows, floor, and other building components from the elements. It also regulates the temperature in extreme weather. But you can only enjoy these benefits when you choose the ideal roof for your house.

Failure to pay attention to the kind of roofing you select can leave you dealing with heavy losses and an uninhabitable house in no time. At Georgia Roof Advisors, we have professional roofers who can help you find the best new roof shingles in Marietta, GA.

How to Select the Best New Roof Shingles for Your Roof

Shingles are square or regular pieces of roofing that are overlapped to create a cover. They’re available in various materials and are popular across the country. Here are tips for finding the ideal roofing in Marietta, GA:

  • Type of Material

You can choose a wide variety of shingle roofs, including clay, stone, metal, wooden, or asphalt shingles. Every material has its benefits and downside, which you should be aware of before selecting a roofing system.

Clay and stone shingles are highly durable. On the downside, they’re quite heavy and may not be suitable for houses with a small dead load.

Wooden and asphalt shingles are lightweight and appealing, but they don’t last as long as clay or stone shingles. By comparing the pros and cons, you can find the best roof shingles for your home.

  • Your Climate

What is the particular climate in your area? If it’s hot, you should look for roof shingles that can keep your house cool. In cooler regions, roofs that absorb heat and keep your home warm are a great option.

If you’re not sure which shingles to go for depending on your climate, our Marietta roofing contractors can p in the right direction.

  • Durability

The durability of your roof determines how often you’ll need roofing repair or replacement services. Clay and stone shingles have the longest lifespan of about 70-100 years. This comes with a higher cost of materials and installation.

More affordable shingles such as those made of asphalt and wood have shorter lifespans. Most asphalt roofs last for about 20 years, while wooden shingles take about 30 years before needing replacement.

Your budget comes into play when choosing roofing materials. Different shingle materials have different prices, depending on the production cost, brand, and quality. As the best Marietta roofers, we can help you choose the most durable materials that suit your budget and needs.

  • Aesthetics

Roof shingles come in various textures, colors, types, and styles so that they can complement the style of your home and neighboring houses. Our roofers in Marietta, GA, can assist you in finding a roof that matches the style of your house and gives it curb appeal.

Expert Roofing Services

If you want to install top of the line new roof shingles in Marietta, GA, we are your go-to roofers. We offer unexcelled roof installation services and can remove your old roof if you need a replacement. In addition, we can help you choose the finest roofing supplies in Marietta, GA. Contact Georgia roof advisors for the best roofing services in GA: 678-757-3477.

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