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  • James Gasson

4 Pro Tips on Preparing Your Roof for a Storm

A storm can cause significant damage to even the toughest roofs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. The best roofing company in the area shares four valuable tips on preparing your roof to increase its longevity and minimize potential storm damage.

1. Clean the Gutters The gutters keep rainwater runoff away from your home. Clogged gutters can cause water buildup that could overflow and seep into the soffit and fascia of your roof, causing moisture damage. Make sure that the gutter is free of any debris like dead leaves or branches that could block the downspout to ensure a continuous flow of water. 2. Check for Missing Shingles Missing shingles can create gaps in your roof’s surface that allow strong winds to get underneath the adjacent shingles. To prevent this, you can call a roofing company like ours to perform a thorough check of the roof’s surface and replace missing and damaged tiles. This also gives you the benefit of reducing the risks of moisture damage since the underlayment has to block off less water even during heavy rains. 3. Check for Existing Leaks Leaks prior to a storm can be a serious threat to the rest of the roofing system later on. If left unchecked, a small leak can easily get larger due to the increased flow of water. This type of problem will not only compromise your roof’s structural integrity, but also damage other components of your home such as the walls, insulation, and electrical wiring. 4. Prepare for an Insurance Claim Storm damage could still occur even with adequate preparation but preparing for an insurance claim makes it easier to at least cut down the cost of roof repair. Study your insurance policy’s coverage so you know exactly how to make a strong case for your claim. The sooner you can process the claim with the right information, the easier it is to have your insurance provider cover for roof-related expenses. Let us help you prepare your roof for what nature might bring. Georgia Roof Advisors is the leading roofing contractor in Marietta, GA. Call us at [company_phone] or fill out this contact form to request a free quote. Know the common misconceptions about wind damage on roofs. Share This Blog Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on pinterest Share on email 4 Pro Tips on Preparing Your Roof for a Storm Georgia Roof Advisors

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