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  • Naomi Gasson

Five Roof Takeaways from 2021

Let’s take a moment to look back over the past year at five roof takeaways. Over the past few months, we have talked about finding the right roofing contractor, frequently asked questions about your roof and roof financing options, among other things. All of these are key parts of the process whether you are looking for a new roof or happily under your current one.

Find the right roofing contractor When it comes to a new roof, finding the right roofing contractor is quite possibly the most important part of the entire process. We recommend that you do your due diligence and thoroughly research potential contractors. Ask friends and family, check for online reviews and scan your local Next Door page to find reviews. Check that potential contractors have an established history of business to ensure that you can contact them in the future should an issue arise and that they have the correct licensing required to operate. Read more details on finding the right roofing contractor here.

Check your warranties Before installing a new roof, check with the roofing manufacturer for warranties. Many shingle manufacturers, such as Certainteed and GAF have specific warranties for their shingles. These manufacturers will also have a list of approved contractors who can solve any warranty issues or are back by the manufacturer as a vetted contractor. For example, Georgia Roof Advisors is a GAF Master Elite contractor who receives continuing education and can solve warranty issues with the GAF products. Read more about warranties when finding the right contractor here.

Know what to be concerned about A roof may have algae, metal pipes and holes that are easily spotted simply by looking up. Do you know when to call your roofer and when something is normal? Most of us do not, but we pulled a list of common things you may find on your roof and which ones should be concerning. Read more about what is normal and what is not on your roof here.

Roof and HVAC issues are easily confused Clanging noises, interior leaks and exhaust pipes are all frequently part of home ownership. However, they are easily mixed up as to whether they are roof related or an HVAC issue. We did a deep dive into common issues, and which requires a call to your or your HVAC contractor. Read more about when to call your roofer or your HVAC contractor here.

You can finance your new roof A new roof can be a steep price but figuring out how to finance it can be smoother than you expect. Georgia Roof Advisors offers several options for financing your new roof based upon creditworthiness and other factors. There are multiple options for term length and interest rate based upon your financial needs and credit score. Read more about financing your new roof here.

We at Georgia Roof Advisors are grateful for you and are looking forward to another year of providing the best in roofing service.

Five Roof Takeaways from 2021

Georgia Roof Advisors

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