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Frequently Asked Questions About Your New Roof

Congratulations on your new roof! It’s an exciting feeling to know that your home is protected by its new topper, but you may have some questions. At Georgia Roof Advisors , we want to take the time to address some frequently asked questions about your new roof to help you understand maintenance and what to expect going forward. Let’s go ahead and answer those “I have a new roof, now what?” questions!

Why is that piece of metal or shingle sticking up?

There are a couple of different reasons why this may be happening. First, when your new roof is installed, new flashing is as well. If the flashing was not done properly on your previous roof, it may appear different on the new installation. Simply put, it’s just a different appearance and nothing of concern.

Second, your home’s plumbing pipes, HVAC exhaust, and water heater exhaust are all located on your roof. Depending on your previous roof’s design and materials, you may have never been able to see these before. The short answer is, this is very normal and not something of concern. If you’re still not sure, give us a call for a free consultation.

How long will my roof last in Georgia?

A roof in Georgia can last for 15 to 30 years, depending on several factors. The biggest factor for how long your roof will last is the type of shingle. There are two types of shingles, 3-tab and architectural. In general, architectural shingles will last longer than a 3-tab.

Here are some other factors in the life span of a new roof:

  • Extreme temperatures lead to expansion and contraction

  • Heavy rainfall with excessive moisture

  • Tree cover, particularly pine trees

  • Roof ventilation

The last item, roof ventilation, is a crucial factor in roof longevity. Proper airflow exhaust and intake is something Georgia Roof Advisors focuses on; helping to ensure you get the longest life span out of your roof.

Who do I call if something happens?

First, call the roofer who installed the roof. In Georgia, there is an average of a one year warranty on roof labor. Georgia Roof Advisors offer a ten-year warranty in comparison. Manufacturers will have separate warranties on the materials, which your roofer should be able to determine. If it is an emergency situation, we offer emergency services. We will provide an inspection and evaluation report for your insurance documentation, even if we did not install the roof.

How and what kind of maintenance does my roof need?

There is one major type of maintenance your roof needs: keeping it cleared off! Blow your roof off regularly and make sure to have your gutters cleaned at least one to two times per year, depending on your tree coverage and the sloping of your home. Leaves and pine straw can lead to deterioration, so make sure to keep those off your roof as much as possible.

If your roof has 3-tab shingles, then we recommend getting a yearly inspection around the ten-year mark of when it was first installed. If you have an architectural shingle roof, these yearly inspections can start at around 15 years.

We hope that this helps to answer some frequently asked questions about your new roof. Georgia Roof Advisors is your number one trusted local roofing company. And as always, you can schedule your FREE roofing inspection by calling us at (678)757-3477.

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