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  • Hilary Young

Fun Facts About Skylights!

Skylights are a great way to bring some natural light into your home! And with the newest skylight technology available, you can grab some great benefits by updating them. There are some things you need to know about their upkeep and how to prolong their longevity:

  • Brush/blow them off regularly – debris can accumulate behind the flashing on top, especially on low slope roofs, and cause leaks.

  • If you move a skylight for any reason, flashings MUST be replaced. without doing so you will not achieve a watertight installation.

  • If you are re-roofing (especially because of hail damage!), we strongly suggest you replace your skylights during this process (Note: skylights 10+ years old are no longer under warranty).

Interested in new, energy-efficient (i.e. – more $ in your pocket), tech-savvy skylights? Georgia Roof Advisors uses one of the best in the business: VELUX Skylights. VELUX uses LowE-3 glass that filters UV rays out, which provides you energy savings. Your skylight comes with a pre-installed blind with pre-paired remote control! This blind gives you light control, improves thermal performance up to 40%, and comes with VELUX Active with NETATMO Gateway & App to control the blind from your smartphone! And did you know – installation of new VELUX skylights qualifies for a 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit ! If you are having issues with your skylights (let’s face it – it IS a hole in your roof!), we feel you. They can come with a lot of leak issues and hassle. So, if you’re not attached to the extra light in your home, when we are replacing your roof, have us remove it and frame and roof over it. Voila! Problem solved! Whatever your roofing needs – from skylights to repairs , from inspections to replacements , we are here for you! Call us today for your free inspection at 678-757-3477. We look forward to speaking with you! We’re Not Your Average Roofing Company. Fun Facts About Skylights! Georgia Roof Advisors

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