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How to Observe Safety During Roof Repairs

Homeowners and contractors alike have safety precautions to observe when it comes to repairing a roofing system. This allows you to finish quickly and efficiently, as well as reduce risks. Georgia Roofing Advisors discusses the safety habits everyone should apply in roofing projects.

Precautionary Measures

During roof repairs, whether major or minor, you should set precautionary measures around your home. Set aside fragile objects in safer areas, lay sheets around the floor to gather debris and wear necessary safety gear like hard hats if you’re outside near the worksite.

Work Area Safety

You should always keep away from the work area, especially children and pets. Dangerous equipment such as drills, skill saws and hammers are often used. If you need to speak to the contractor try to do it at a safe distance or perhaps call or text them on their cell so that you aren’t putting yourself at risk. Expert contractors like Georgia Roof Advisors are highly capable of working on their own since they follow strict OSHA safety protocols during a roof repair. Our contractors are trained to understand proper ladder usage, power line safety and more.

Safety Gear

Every roofing project calls for proper gear to finish the job with ease and safety. Roofing contractors make use of harnesses, skid-free shoes, and work gloves. For homeowners, a hard hat would suffice or distancing themselves at least five feet away from the roof when observing their roof repairs from the outside.

We want to watch!

We know having someone on your roof can be very exciting! Georgia Roof Advisors uses a software called Company Cam to document our jobs it is updated in real time so you can basically watch them as they work! Ask the team to share your individual link with you and you can see everything you need to see!

When in need of roof repairs, trust the experts at Georgia Roof Advisors. We adhere to strict safety protocols in every project we handle. Call us today at 678 757 3477 for more information or fill out our contact form to get a free project estimate. We serve homeowners in Marietta, GA, and other surrounding areas.

Safety During Roof Repairs

Georgia Roof Advisors

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