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My roof is losing granules. Do I need a New Roof?

A typical asphalt shingle is composed of three layers, fiberglass, asphalt mixed with a filler, and an outer layer of granules. The granules are what give asphalt shingles certain features such as color and energy-efficient, reflective properties. Your expert roofing company , Georgia Roof Advisors, takes a look at this essential component and whether loose granules are something you should worry about. Loose Granules

Roofing granules are made from crushed stone and minerals. With today’s advanced manufacturing techniques, these granules allow roofing manufacturers to create asphalt shingles of virtually any color, size, and shape. They also have copper in the granules to keep algae from growing for some time.

It is important to note that granule loss is a normal part of roofing wear and tear. These granules stay on the roof for most of the roof’s life span. As the roof ages, some of these granules come loose from the asphalt layer.

Causes of Granule Loss

Granule loss is a regular occurrence, but it is a cause for concern when you spot more granule loss than usual. Missing granules can mean many things, but the worst is defective or aging shingles that can’t defend your home against harsh weather conditions effectively.

Here are some of the causes of granule loss:

Your Shingles are Defective

While not common, this does still occur. If there is a defect in the shingle, the most common symptom will be blistering. Blistering occurs when pockets of moisture from inside the asphalt layer and as the moisture expands and contracts if forms the blisters.

Your Roof is Old

As your roof ages and endures a series of weather events, it will naturally begin to lose granules. The bond holding the embedded granules gradually begins to degrade and releases the granules. This makes the shingle more acceptable to UV damage, which leads to brittleness, cracking. If your roof is more than 10 years old, you could require a roof replacement .

You Have Storm Damage

Granule loss is often evident after a large or heavy storm , especially after a significant hail event. If you see signs of this, you should call Georgia Roof Advisors for a professional roof inspection as there could be potential damage to cause costly leaks in the future.

You Broke the Rules of Roof Cleaning

Some roofing companies claim to use low-pressure wash with a special tip to clean roofing shingles. Even a low-pressure washing can damage shingles , washing away those important granules. Never -NEVER use a pressure power-wash to clean your roof. You will also void your roof warranty. If you have algae, moss, or even “dirty looking roof” – give Georgia Roof Advisors a call about properly cleaning your roof.

Your Roof Has Incorrect Ventilation

Your roofing contractor needs to make specific calculations when installing your roof. 90% of roofers don’t do these calculations. If the balance of intake from the soffit to exhaust from vents on the roof is not calculated correctly, the air will not exhaust out effectively. It creates a “convection oven.” The shingles will cook from the inside and out! Georgia Roof Advisors is passionate about getting these calculations right, so your roof lasts as long as it should.

Your Roof Has a Physical Hazard Causing Damage

Excessive granule loss in specific places can almost always be traced back to a variety of physical hazards. Animal damage, tree limbs brushing the roof, or constant heavy traffic to adjusting the satellite dish all can lead to granule loss in only those specific areas.

How do You Prevent Granule Loss?

While we said earlier, granule loss is a normal part of roofing wear and tear, but you can slow the progress.

· Inspect all tree limbs or other landscaping and ensure that it has a clearance of 5 feet or more.

· Remove debris from your roof as soon as it occurs.

· Hire a competent and experienced roofing company for installations.

· Always call a trusted and qualified roofing company to inspect for any signs of heavy granule loss.

To schedule your free roof inspection , give Georgia Roof Advisors a call today: (678) 757-3477 or visit our website:

My roof is losing granules. Do I need a New Roof?

Georgia Roof Advisors

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