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Spring Cleaning Your Roof: What to Remove

These are the first days of spring and it’s a fine time to start cleaning your home. It’s important to keep your rooms clean but don’t forget about your home’s exterior too. Your roofing system probably took a beating this winter, so take some time to check it for debris and any upkeep needs. Georgia Roof Advisors recommends hiring a professional to take care of the maintenance needs of your roofing system. However, it’s best to understand what to look for on your roof and why.

Overhanging Tree Limbs The shade of a tree is a welcome sight, but beware the dangers of overhanging tree branches. They are hard enough to scrape off the granules that protect your shingles from UV rays. If a tree limb scratches your roof long enough and it will shorten your shingles’ lifespan. In addition, a large tree limb that gets brittle or heavy with snow might break and fall on your roof, causing punctures.

Leaves Leaves and pine needles on a roof are normal, but if they form a thick enough bed to prevent moisture from drying, that’s bad news for your roofing system. Many roof problems can be traced back to the presence of moisture over an extended period. Moisture encourages the formation of mildew. Leaves and pine needles can also get stuck in your gutters and downspouts, causing water to overflow when the spring rains come.

Moss Moss isn’t a roof emergency, but if it’s on your shingles for too long, you’ll have problems. The presence of moss is usually due to shade, as from a tree, which prevents moisture from drying quickly. You can use zinc or copper strips at the ridge line of your roof to prevent moss growth, especially if this is a yearlong problem.

Mold Mold and other growth, such as fungi or algae, can cause shingle discoloration. It can also affect the interior parts of a roof. There are mold types that can cause allergic reactions and more serious illnesses, so your home shouldn’t harbor any. It’s easy enough to remove it with chlorine bleach treatment, but it’s more advisable to call a professional to avoid the risks. Spring cleaning is not always a welcome activity but it’s necessary, particularly for home components like the roof. Professional roofers like Georgia Roof Advisors can address all the concerns you have with your roof. Call us today at [company_phone] or contact us using this form. We can help maintain your roof in Marietta, GA.

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Spring Cleaning Your Roof: What to Remove

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