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Spring Maintenance for Your Roof

These are the first days of spring, and everyone is starting to spring clean their home. It’s important to keep your rooms clean but don’t forget about your home’s exterior too. It’s really important to check your roof after the damaging months of winter. There are some things you can do on your own (safely!) – looking from the ground and on a ladder – to protect the health of your roof. Use a sturdy ladder – it doesn’t hurt to have someone else with you for extra safety to hold the bottom.

Things like:

Inspect and clean out your gutters and downspouts

It’s a dirty job, but yes, someone’s got to do it. After winter, your gutters can be clogged with debris. If you don’t keep the gutters and downspouts unclogged, your shingles, soffit, fascia and siding are more likely to get damaged. Get rid of all the rotting leaves, animal nests and dirt that’s clogging up your system and allowing water to stagnate. Clear gutters will allow residual rainwater to flow smoothly away from your roof and your home and prevent water damage that could lead to serious issues and costly repairs.

While you’re up there, check there’s no sagging or holes and that the fasteners are still intact. Look for general wear and tear – for example, rust.


Leaves and pine needles on a roof are normal, but if they form a thick enough bed to prevent moisture from drying, that’s bad news for your roofing system. Many roof problems can be traced back to the presence of moisture over an extended period. Moisture encourages the formation of mildew. Leaves and pine needles can also get stuck in your valleys, gutters and downspouts, causing a dam and water to overflow when the spring rains come.

Look for missing, curling, or blistering shingles

If you spot these from the ground or on your ladder, it’s time to get a roofer to come and investigate and do a full analysis to prevent leaks into your home. Is your Satellite dish on the roof? Satellite dishes are often bolted to roof and are inevitable leak areas. Sealant is not a permanent solution!

Trim Overhanging Tree Limbs back

The shade of a tree is a welcome sight but beware the dangers of overhanging tree branches. They are hard enough to scrape off the granules that protect your shingles from UV rays. If a tree limb scratches your roof long enough and it will shorten your shingles’ lifespan. In addition, a large tree limb that gets brittle or heavy with snow might break and fall on your roof, causing punctures.

Get Repairs Done Right Away

It never pays to procrastinate when it comes to getting roofing issues fixed. Schedule professional inspections early, before everyone else books up all the spots! Springtime is a high-demand season for home improvement, and contractors’ appointment books fill up pretty quickly.

Check indoors for signs of water damage and mold.

Scan ceilings for stains, don’t forget closet and garage ceilings or maintenance rooms or any other area you don’t spend a lot of time in. Check attic decking for stains, especially around chimneys, where roofs meet walls, and any pipes that exit your roof. These include HVAC exhaust pipes, PVC plumbing pipes, and water heater exhaust.

Mildew and mold have distinct smells. Water penetration can flow between walls. Please consult an expert if you identify unusual odors.

Check in your attic for holes in your roof

These will need to be repaired to prevent leaks and to keep critters from making their home in your attic!

Safety first!

If you do venture onto your roof, make sure you’re comfortable with the steepness and that it’s not wet – this will make your roof very slippery! Walking on your roof can cause premature damage and granule loss that professionals know how to avoid. If you have any hesitation, please call a professional to inspect/service your roof.

Professional Roof Inspection

If you do not want to do any of this yourself – we don’t blame you! If your roof is 15 years+ it is recommended that you have an annual inspection to maintain the health of your roof. Georgia Roof Advisors provides free inspections for homeowners as well as Preventative Maintenance Plans call us today at 678 757 3477 or book an inspection using this form. We can help prolong the life of your roof.

However, you decide to take care of your roof this spring, please do so safely, and reach out if you have any questions! Happy Spring!

Spring Maintenance for Your Roof

Georgia Roof Advisors

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