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  • Hilary Young

The Horrors of What is Going on With Your Roof

Spooky season is upon us! So what better time than now to talk about some of the eerie things we see around our homes? Even better, let’s break down some of those halloween roof horrors you may see going! And remember, everything you see may not always be what it seems… Algae There is nothing scarier than looking outside and seeing algae growth spreading across your roof. What’s the most frightening aspect of the algae spreading across your shingles? The sight of it! Fortunately, or not, algae grows on almost everyone’s roof in Georgia. Moisture from our humid climate helps encourage its growth, as does the fact that our roofs are always wet, even in a drought. However, most shingles are made with copper coated granules embedded within them, which discourages algae growth. These shingles generally last an average of ten years against algae resistance. So, what does this all mean? Algae is a horror to look at, but it is not going to physically hurt your roof! Rusted Metal You look up at your roof and see rusted metal ?! These horrific sights are usually pipes coming from an HVAC, water heater, bathroom or stove exhaust system that have rusted and developed holes. This can lead to water penetration and cause damage to your roof or home. The verdict on these horrors is to be afraid and call Georgia Roof Advisors for a free inspection. Nail Pops A nail pop is a roof horror to stay on top of! You can tell a nail pop has happened when the shingle starts to stick up in an awkward manner. One reason this happens is due to the expansion and contraction due to hot and cold temperatures. Soft shingles, often found in homes built before 1960 will often have nail pops as well. Nail pops can poke a hole in a shingle allowing water to enter and cause damage. Georgia Roof Advisors uses ring shank nails to ensure that the nails bite into the wood better and are significantly less likely to pop. Storm Related Damage As Georgians, we are no stranger to intense storms, especially tropical storms in the Fall and hail storms in the Spring. Both hail and the falling tree branches can loosen or damage shingles, no matter how well they are installed. As tornado alley shifts further east every year, a regular inspection of the trees near your house is a safe way to help minimize storm damage. Improper Installation Finally, a roof not installed properly can be an utter horror! Check out our blog on Three Tips for Finding the Right Roofing Contractor to make sure that you take the steps to have your roof installed properly. While you can’t undo a poor installation, you can take steps to fix what is there or install the proper roof for your home. Have any questions or feel the Halloween horrors by looking at your roof? Give Georgia Roof Advisors a call at (678)757-3477 or visit and schedule your free inspection to keep your home protected! The Horrors of What is Going on With Your Roof Georgia Roof Advisors

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