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What do You Need to Know About Your Roof When You’re Buying a Home?

1 – Get a QUALIFIED roofing company ( like us! ) to inspect the roof for condition and age! A home inspector will not likely climb on the roof – things are missed when you are just looking from the ground. Having us inspect the roof and provide you with a detailed report and pictures gives you a HUGE advantage when negotiating the purchase of your home. There is a small upfront cost ($150) for the inspection if you are not yet the homeowner – but getting you a better deal on your home outweighs the out of pocket cost. Things that you/they should look for:

  • Missing/sliding shingles.

  • Algae growth – a telltale sign a roof is older than 10 years. Sometimes shows as black streaking/staining – often around pipes. Roofs stay consistently wet, especially on the northern side of the home.

  • Signs of leaking – stains on the ceiling, etc.

  • The attic – insulation and plywood can soak up water and cause costly repairs down the road.

  • Proper ventilation – can increase the expected lifespan of your roof.

  • Check for layers – multiple layers won’t last as long as a properly installed roof and will cost more to tear off in the future. A home inspector will not be able to detect this if they don’t climb the roof.

To avoid costly repairs/replacements, please call a reputable roofing company ! Even if the shingles are in good condition, there may be accessory problems associated with protrusions on the roof – like plumbing pipe boots that over time get brittle and may need replacing, an HVAC exhaust vent, a water heater exhaust vent, satellite dishes drilled directly into the roof, chimneys, siding around a chimney, a chimney cricket, and maybe the most often overlooked – the chimney cap. All of these in disrepair can cause leaking/mold. By the time you realize there’s a problem or you find the rot/mold/damage, you can incur major expenses. **Important note: It’s a money-smart practice to get yearly inspections if your 3-tab roof is 10+ years old or your architectural roof is 15+ years old. Let us help you preserve the life of your roof and help your family avoid costly mistakes! Call us now to set up a FREE inspection! 678-757-3477 We’re Not Your Average Roofing Company.

What do You Need to Know About Your Roof When You’re Buying a Home?

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