Georgia Roof Advisors is a locally owned business with vast experience in fixing roof wind damage in Marietta, GA. With a team of competent and certified technicians, we build the best quality roofs that stand the test of time at budget-friendly prices.

Why DIY roofing is a bad idea?

Even if you are comfortable with heights and don’t mind taking care of the job yourself, fixing a roof is not a DIY project that you should take on alone. If you need a new roof to keep water out of your house and provide complete protection, talk to the best remodeling contractors even if you feel like you cannot afford it. Some roofers may surprise you by offering easy financing options to make your life easier in the process.

You may reduce the cost of reroofing by handling part of the job like tearing out the old roof, which can help you get a discount from the roofing company. Nevertheless, attempting to take care of the whole project on your own can put your life at grave risk, and you can end up with a bad roof job in the process as well.

What to do when the wind damages your roof?

Inspect your roof after a wind or storm and look for damages. If you are uncomfortable with heights, call one of the licensed general contractors in Marietta, GA, to evaluate your roof at the earliest.

The contractor will document the wind damage with photos and written description, provide you with a detailed inventory of repairs, and quote a relevant price for the job. After the inspection, you can call your insurance provider to learn about your plan coverage details.

How do I know I have roof wind damage?

If your neighborhood experienced 45 mph or higher winds, call a general contractor near Marietta, GA, to take a look at your roof. Some of the signs of wind damage on your roof include issues in the chimney, loose or missing shingles, shingles that look curled or peel, granule loss, indoor leaks, etc. Here are some signs that warn of the need for roofing repair or replacement:

  1. Missing granules – Storms and heavy winds can lead to the shingles’ loss of granules. Inspect your gutters for the missing granules, as that’s the one place where they tend to pile up.
  2. Edge of roof curling – Look at the edges and other pressure points on your roof. These areas often sustain more damage from wind and hence have curled or peeled shingles.
  3. Missing shingles – Another easy way to identify roof wind damage is missing or ripped shingles. If you find broken shingles in your yard, you must call the best home repair services in Marietta, GA, to have a look at your roof and suggest reliable solutions.

Your never-ending search for the top home remodeling contractors near me ends here. Schedule a consultation with Georgia Roof Advisors today by reaching us at 678-757-3477. As the #1 contractor for roof wind damage in Marietta, GA, we offer a warranty on the products used and our workmanship and also provide easy financing options to homeowners. 

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