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Your sewer line is one of the most important parts of your home, but often the most neglected. The sewer line is the pipe that takes waste water and materials away from your home. If the line becomes clogged it can cause problems that include sewage backup into your home. If you are experiencing problems with your line, you need to call for professional sewer repair in Kansas City. A plumbing company will need to evaluate the problem and provide you with a resolution.

Sewer Repair in Kansas City

Your sewer line extends from inside your home to the curb or place where the city sewer meets. The line is buried underground and extends from below your home’s main level. If you have a basement, the sewer line will typically be located there along with the water main to your home.

The sewer line is a large pipe but it can become damaged or clogged. Over time the inside of the pipe gathers debris and sludge that cause the opening to narrow considerably. This means that you will have less sewer flow to the main sewer. You may notice slow running drains and toilets and you might experience sewage backups from the drain in the basement.

In some cases, the pipe could break or become compromised, causing sewage to seep into your front lawn. Since the line is buried the plumber will not be able to easily see the trouble. He may use a special camera to view the inside of the pipe to find the cause of the problem. Once he diagnoses the situation, and locates the trouble spot, he can begin sewer repair in Kansas City.

Sewer Replacement

Sometimes a sewer line cannot be easily repaired and therefore must be replaced. If the situation cannot be resolved by rodding out the line, the pipe may need to be repaired. The plumber will need to locate the line and dig up the yard to reach it. While this can seem serious it is the only way to resolve this type of repair. Once the area is free of dirt, the outside of the pipe can be inspected, and the pipe can be repaired or replaced. Each situation is different so the plumber will evaluate the problem and determine whether a replacement or sewer repair in Kansas City is the best option.

Although it isn’t necessary very often, sewer repair in Kansas City is available when you have sewer problems. Older homes, and older plumbing, are particularly susceptible to the need for repairs. Sometimes tree roots grow into the buried pipes and cause them to shift or break. If this occurs the pipe or a portion of it will need to be replaced.

If you are experiencing sewer line problems it is best to seek professional plumbing help sooner rather than later. Early diagnosis can sometimes make the repair easier and less costly. An evaluation and estimate can be done prior to starting the work. Count on our experienced plumbing experts at Snake 'n' Rooter Plumbing Company to provide you with high-quality repairs for all your plumbing needs.

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